Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: '4000 Alphabet & Letter Motifs' by Graham Leslie McCallum

4000 Alphabet & Letter Motifs: A Sourcebook, by Graham Leslie McCallum, 2009, Anova Books, $17.95, softbound, includes CD, 399 pages. Category/Genre: reference. Cover:interesting. Where we got it: publisher. Where You can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million. 

McCallum begins by showing the reader how the Roman alphabet developed, then goes into cursive Roman scripts. The way the Roman alphabet developed is quite interesting, and the reader may choose to spend a bit of time poring over these pages. 

Pre-Romanesque alphabets are shown, and we see a nice variety of styles emerging. Unical alphabets are next; there is a fascinating style that includes some disconnection in the letter strokes, adding, McCallum says, a 'simplicity and rusticity.' Another Unical style involves changing the angle of one's pen within the writing of a single letter. 

There are also Versal, or Decorative, alphabets. These can be quite unusual, and originate in various regions: Ireland (800 AD), North Africa (5th Century), and more. 

There are Pre-Romanesque and Romanesque alphabets (both upper and lower cases), Carolingian alphabets, Gothic alphabets (including cursive), and Renaissance alphabets, as well as Italic alphabets, English Round Hand alphabets, and modern alphabets (the author included a collection of his own modern alphabets for the reader's personal use). 

The book comes with a CD that contains several hundred extra motifs. 

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