Monday, 9 December 2013

Review: 'International Steampunk Fashions' by Victoriana Lady Lisa

International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa, 2012, Schiffer Publishing, $39.99, hardbound, 192 pages. Category/Genre: reference. Cover: cool. Where we got it: bought it. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million.

In case you're unfamiliar with steampunk, there's an article in this book called 'Steampunk 101.' The rest of the book showcases steampunk fashion from Europe, New Zealand, and North and South America, plus worldwide jewellery, hats, and accessories.

Then there are biographies of many of the people in the book which include websites and Facebook pages where you can find more information on them. Plus there's a chapter on steampunk fashion resources and organisations. 

If you're interested in steampunk (or think you might be), you'll want to check out this book.

If you like this one, try: Steampunk Accessories, by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate. 

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