Monday, 2 June 2014

Review: 'The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon' by Leann Sweeney

The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon by Leann Sweeney, 2012, Obsidian, $7.99, softbound, 288 pages. Category/Genre: mystery. Cover: clever. Where we got it: publisher. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million. 

Part of the 'Cats in Trouble' mysteries, this book finds cat lover and quilter Jillian Hart worried about boyfriend Tom Stewart, who hasn't called, even though she's left ten messages.

Deepening the mystery is the fact that Bob Cochran, Tom's brother (who Jillian didn't know about), has been staying in Tom's house for two days, waiting for Tom to come home. 

When at last Tom resurfaces, he opens up to Jillian about his past -- his ex-wife and his son, Finn, who is missing. When Finn and his dog Yoshi show up, Finn is injured and in possession of a gun he can't remember obtaining. A man is dead, and Finn is a suspect; in order to clear the teenager's name, Jillian and Tom will have to do some serious sleuthing. 

Filled with the characters you'll have grown to love from the other books in the series, this installment doesn't fail to entertain. Newcomers to the series will be able to follow the plot, as well. 

If you like this one, try: The Cat, the Mill and the Murder, by Leann Sweeney; Red Velvet Revenge, by Jenn McKinlay. 

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