Friday, 13 February 2015

Review: 'Historical Heartthrobs' by Kelly Murphy with Hallie Fryd

Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes – from Cleopatra to Camus by Kelly Murphy with Hallie Fryd, $17.99, hardbound, 223 pages. Cover: pretty good. Category/Genre: Reference. Where we got it: publisher. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million.

From artists to rulers to scientists and civil rights activists, this book offers a glimpse at what made people fall for certain celebrities of the day – and whether or not we would find them just as appealing today.

It isn't just physical attributes that are measured here. Charisma goes a long way, as does intellect, bravery, and wit. Factors that may dampen the sex appeal of those found in this book include narcissism, rudeness, and homicidal tendencies.

You'll find a whole host of hotties to choose from: Cleopatra, Annie Oakley, Jane Goodall, Jim Thorpe, and Frederick Douglass to start; and not all of them were good guys. You'll find Mata Hari, John Wilkes Booth, and Bugsy Siegel in these pages, as well.

Vital stats are given: date of birth and death; country of origin; area of influence; and style of seduction. There are quotes about each celebrity, as well as a brief life story, information on his or her sex life, and a blurb on why that person matters today. The “Heat Factor” is measured from one to five (five being the hottest). There are also pictures (photographs or portraits) of each of the hotties.

An unusual, interesting way to learn a bit of history.

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