Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review: Listerine Zero

Listerine has been a staple of our home for many years now, but it wasn't until fairly recently that we finally tried Listerine Zero Clean Mint. We always liked Listerine Cool Mint (we're big on mint for our oral health, as it gives our mouths a fresh feeling); we'd heard that the orange was really good, but we didn't want orange for our mouthwash.

So we finally tried Listerine Zero, which has zero alcohol & so less of a burning sensation. Because we weren't actually dissatisfied with Listerine Cool Mint, we're surprised by how much we've grown to like Listerine Zero. It was good from the start, with a lighter flavour than the Cool Mint. Now we wouldn't go back to Cool Mint, preferring instead the less 'in your face' effect of Listerine Zero. 

It also seems to do a very good job (as regular Listerine does): our mouths feel clean after we use it, & it's a nice complement to the toothpaste we use.   

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