Sunday, 23 December 2012

Review: Mama Mary's Pre-made Pizza Crust

Recently, our brother found Mama Mary's pre-made pizza crusts & got us in on the idea that we could make our own pizzas -- something we had never tried before. Though we're not exactly enthused when we're forced to make dinner, this was actually kind of fun, & the end result was quite tasty.

The pizza crusts come in packages of two; you can get gourmet, which tastes a bit cheesier, but we personally prefer the original (plain), which has an edge around it (the gourmet doesn't). 

Firstly, we used Ragu spaghetti sauce for the sauce instead of pizza sauce, which may have been a mistake . . . It tasted good, but the crust got soggy because the sauce absorbed into it, & the sauce liquefied & kept running off the pizza. Messy. 

The outer part (edge) of the crust was also a little moist, though, & that wasn't where the sauce was, so likely the crust itself was a bit moist to begin with. It helped to broil it, as was suggested on the package. They didn't specify whether to broil it instead of baking, or just afterwards; we took a chance & did it afterwards. The original style crust has a tendency to crack during baking.  

After our first attempt, we added a teaspoon (tsp) of flour to the sauce to try to thicken it. It may have helped some, but it's really best to use pizza sauce instead of spaghetti sauce. Unless you like your pizza runny. 

Adding the olive oil as suggested on the package improves the taste of the crust (although it was good to begin with). We used silky tofu, too -- not the best option (firm is better), because this consistency is really ideal for making smoothies & such, not for slicing onto pizza. We just sprinkled it on instead; it worked. 

If you're interested, we added slices of white mushrooms, green peppers, tofu, broccoli, and sliced water chestnuts as well as shredded mozzarella cheese to make a delicious & veggie-filled pizza.     

All in all, we really liked this product. It was easy to use, & tastes terrific. 

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