Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review: 'J to tha L-O! The Remixes' by Jennifer Lopez

'J to tha L-O! The Remixes' by Jennifer Lopez, 2002, Epic Records. Cover: Cool; snaps from various videos. CD itself has a picture of Jennifer Lopez's eyes in blue. Two more pictures of Jennifer Lopez are inside. Lyrics not included. 

J. Lo is all about the dance, & this album is a prime example. Loaded with danceable tunes, these remixes feature such artists as Ja Rule, Fat Joe, & Cadillac Tah.  

The CD has a lot of what you'd expect in remixes from Jennifer Lopez: more percussion, echoes, & as mentioned earlier, featured artists. However, there are a few surprises. For example, 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' gives the man's point of view, something not heard at all in the original track. And there's one ballad included, 'Alive,' about starting over. Overall, the album is lighthearted & positive, & Lopez's voice sounds particularly good with Ja Rule's; Ja Rule is featured on two tracks.  

'Let's Get Loud,' in our opinion, is one of the better remixes on the album, maybe because it was a party song to begin with; it just works well in this format.  

This is a solid album, but probably not vital to your collection unless you just can't get enough of J. Lo.  

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