Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: Linden Street Quick-Dri Textured Bath Towels and Washcloths

We first became aware of Linden Street Quick-Dri Textured towels & washcloths when our sister gave some to us as a surprise one year for Christmas. We've asked for more since, & have never been disappointed with what we got. The towels (& cloths) come in a variety of neat colours, including chocolate, soft cream, & Arona blue. They're plush, large, & energy efficient; they save money on drying because they dry faster than most other towels & cloths. They also absorb water better, which means you get drier faster.

You may want to wash these towels before use. They have an inordinate amount of fuzz which gets all over one when drying; in the case of the chocolate towels, if you're geeky pale like us, you end up looking dirtier after the bath than you did when you went in. You also may consider washing and drying them separately for a bit, until the excess fuzz comes off completely. Otherwise, you're likely to find your other laundry items looking fuzzy. 

The fuzz will last a bit through more than one wash; however, the bulk of it should be gone after one wash. Definitely worth it in spite of that, & they're so absorbent & energy efficient that they cost less, ultimately, than other towels. They're also a nice size. The towels are available at JCPenney for $3.00 to $20.00.   


  1. I have had these amazing towels for over 5 years, they are used everyday, and they are still as nice as the day I got them. I am looking to purchase more of them, the exact same ones pictured above. Where can I find them again. I purchased my originals at Penneys, but I didn't see these same ones. HELP!!!

  2. When we wrote this review, the towels were still available at JCPenney; unfortunately, they seem to have been discontinued since. We've looked on Amazon, the JCPenney website, and other places, to no avail.