Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review 'Laundry Service' by Shakira

'Laundry Service,' Shakira, 2001, Epic. Cover: excellent. Inside has more pictures of Shakira. iQue hermosa! Lyrics included. 

You don't have to understand Spanish to enjoy Shakira's music (though it probably helps). Some of the songs on this album are written in Spanish, but even if you don't remember the Spanish you learnt in high school, you'll find yourself grooving along to them, perhaps even singing to them, as the lyrics are included. And you can sing 'Whenever, Wherever' in both English and Spanish, as the Spanish version, 'Suerte,' is recorded later on the album.   

Most of the songs on this CD are danceable; the first, 'Objection,' and the last ('Objection' in Spanish), 'Te Aviso, Te Anuncio,' are both tangos. You may even catch yourself dancing in anticipation before 'Whenever, Wherever' starts. 

There is a slower, gentler song, 'Underneath Your Clothes,' a celebration of love, which is also good, but we tend to prefer the more active songs on this CD. Shakira's band relies heavily on guitar and drums, and Adam Zimmon (guitar) and Miriam Elli (percussion) do a bang-up job. 

'Rules' is a playful set of rules a woman has established with her significant other. 'Fool' is about a woman hopelessly in love with someone who might not love her back. And 'Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Asi),' one of our favourites, has a bit of an Arabian flavour.    

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