Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review 'Songs in A Minor' by Alicia Keys

'Songs in A Minor,' Alicia Keys, 2001, jrecords. Cover: cool. More pictures of Alicia Keys are on the inside, and there's one on the CD itself as well. Lyrics not included.   

Only two of the songs on this album weren't written by Alicia Keys: 'How Come You Don't Call Me,' by Prince, and 'Never Felt This Way,' by Brian McKnight and Brandon Barnes. The songs tend to showcase Keys' incredible voice and piano playing; in fact, if you don't like the piano, you probably won't care for this album. 

'Piano & I' kicks off the CD, followed by 'Girlfriend,' about a girl who's jealous of her guy's female friend. Our favourite, and the reason we bought this album, is 'Fallin',' about a woman who can't help falling in love with a man who isn't good for her. Keys' voice is outstanding in this track. 'Troubles' is about a woman who's there for her man, and the grooving 'Rock Wit U' has particularly good flute arrangements courtesy of Isaac Hayes and The Isaac Hayes Orchestra. This song also shows Keys' range in the background vocals. 

We're treated next to the slow groove of 'A Woman's Worth,' about what a woman deserves and how to treat your significant other. 'Jane Doe' concerns a woman unwilling to let her man go when another woman tries to come between them. There's a duet with Jimmy Cozier ('Mr. Man'), and some truly great piano playing in 'Never Felt This Way.' We also liked the percussion in 'Why Do I Feel So Sad.'

Note: strong language.

Favourite lyrics include: Sometimes I love ya/Sometimes you make me blue/Sometimes I feel good, at times I feel used/Lovin' you darlin' makes me so confused ('Fallin''); There's no escape on the spell you have placed/Leaving my heart and my mind ('Rock Wit U').  

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