Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: 'Japan Style' Edited by Angelika Taschen

Japan Style Edited by Angelika Taschen, Photos by Reto Guntli, 2008, Taschen GmbH, $9.99, softbound, 191 pages. Category/Genre: photography. Cover: evocative. Where we got it: bought it. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million.

Broken up into three parts -- exteriors, interiors, and details -- this book is made up of lush, colour photos that offer a glimpse into the exotic and streamlined style of Japan. 

Japanese style has harmonised with nature for hundreds of years, and Japanese houses have a tradition of being built to conserve energy and resources. Their simplicity, functionality, and minimalism inspired such architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Japanese have long utilised and recycled natural materials.

The photographs in this book are intended to inspire the reader to consider new ways of living. 

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