Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review: 'Understanding Sharks' by Dr Erich Ritter

Understanding Sharks: The Fascinating Behavior of a Threatened Hunter by Dr Erich Ritter, Translated by Valerie Haecky, 2006, Krieger Publishing, $62.50, hardbound, 278 pages. Category/Genre: reference. Cover: nice. Where we got it: publisher. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble. 

The author of this book is a recognised world-wide expert on shark behaviour, and he offers courses in German on shark encounters and the functions of sharks in the world's oceans. He has spent thousands of hours face-to-face with sharks. 

The contents of this book cover many topics, starting with encountering sharks, fear of sharks, and why we should protect sharks. There's quite a lot of information on sharks themselves: their body language, behaviour, swim patterns and speeds, their anatomy, and characteristic behaviours of certain species (great whites, bull sharks, and reef sharks). 

Also covered are interactions between sharks and humans, sharks in history, shark evolution, and the truth and fiction about sharks. There are questions from divers about sharks, and Ritter offers advice on what people should do if they encounter a shark. 

A very thorough book.

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