Friday, 7 June 2013

Review: 'Beautiful Animal Dolls' by Miriam Gourley

Beautiful Animal Dolls: Handcrafts to Treasure, by Miriam Gourley, 2001, Sterling Publishing, $24.95, hardbound, 128 pages. Category/Genre: how-to/crafts. Cover: neat. Where we got it: borrowed it. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble. 

This book has lots of information in it, starting with general instructions, which include tools, patterns, and stitching techniques. The tools involved are straight pins, tape measure, fabric scissors, craft scissors, tracing paper or photocopy machine, sewing machine, sewing needle, and coordinating thread. 

(Fabric might also be a good idea . . . )

There are a few stitching techniques to learn: buttonhole stitch, French knot, ladder stitch, feather stitch, blind stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. 

Painting techniques are also given. 

There are dolls in three different categories: 'Genteel Jungle,' which includes a lion, a frog, and a giraffe; 'Charming Coutryside,' which includes a robin, a hen, and a rooster; and 'Enchanted Forest,' which includes rabbits and a Renaissance teddy bear. 

There's also a gallery in which one may view the creations of several artisans, as well as learn about the artisans themselves. For example, Angelia McLean creates teddy bears that are two and a half inches and under. Melinda Small Paterson has miniatures in the Rosalie Whyel Doll Museum. And Muriel Spencer designed Jaquard's muslin cat, snake, and frog craft kits. 

There are some very nice animals to make in this book, and the gallery is inspiring. 

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