Monday, 3 June 2013

Review: 'Naked Heat' by Richard Castle

Naked Heat by Richard Castle, 2012, Hyperion Books, $24.99, hardbound, 290 pages. Category/Genre: police procedural. Cover: good except Heat's neck is way too thick. Where we got it: bought it. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million. 

Written by Richard Castle, the fictional author on ABC's Castle, this book even includes a blurb on Castle (Nathan Fillion), as if he were a real person.

NYPD detective Nikki Heat is reeling from the notoriety she's gained since the publication of Jameson Rook's article about her. Rook and Heat used to be lovers, but that ended three months ago. Now Heat gets a shock when she comes across Rook at a crime scene.

The body is that of Cassidy Towne, gossip columnist for the New York Ledger. Towne was stabbed in the back. Rook, who's been shadowing Towne for another article, arrived on scene before police did. To Heat's dismay, Rook is going to ride along with her on the case in exchange for his release of sources and insight into Cassidy Towne.

But Heat has more problems than her love life. Towne's body is stolen before the ME can take a look at it, and Heat discovers Towne had a long list of enemies. Chester Ludlow, an ex-congressman, looked into taking a hit out on Towne; Towne had an estranged daughter, Holly Flanders, who has threatening letters to Towne, and who may be Ludlow's daughter, as well; and ball player Toby Mills broke into Towne's apartment because Towne printed a picture and the address of Mills' new house, which led a stalker to Mills' family.

At last, Heat and Rook locate Towne's body, but the questions keep piling up.

There's a heart-pounding scene in which Heat is knocked out, restrained, and then interrogated by an unknown assailant, and Castle keeps the pace moving throughout the book. He excels at fight scenes, sex scenes, and emotional turmoil.

Note: strong language and sexual situations. 

If you like this one, try: Heat Wave by Richard Castle. 

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