Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: '0304' by Jewel

'0304,' Jewel, 2003, Atlantic. Cover: nice except for the Day-Glo colours. Inside has two more pictures of Jewel, nearly identical. CD is Barbie doll pink (ugh). Lyrics included. 

Jewel's lyrics show a dark side that contrasts with her girl-next-door look. There's plenty of sex in here, and also some creepy, disturbing lyrics ('Haunted,' which she says is from the stalker's perspective, and which is her favourite song on the album to sing).

Continuing with the more shady side of life, 'Stand' is about all the problems and pain life offers (though it presents hope in that we can stand together); 'America' is about all the problems in the U.S.; and 'Yes U Can' shows the seedier side of clubbing. 

There's light in the album, too: 'Run 2 U' is a celebration of love, 'Doin' Fine' is about being young and reckless, and '2 Find U' is about the turning point in a relationship, when the couple either parts or sees it through. '2 Become 1' is about the closeness a woman feels with her lover, 'Becoming' describes a woman's transformation, and 'Fragile Heart' tells the story of a woman who's been hurt before but is still hopeful.  

Jewel intended this album to be 'a modern interpretation of big band music,' something that 'combined dance, urban and folk music.' Personally, we don't really get the big band influence, though we do hear the dance,urban and folk music bit. 

There are liner notes included: brief notes on Jewel's thoughts and experiences in making these songs. 

Note: bleeped out language (strong). 
Favourite lyrics include: 'Running fast through a fairy tale/Dark woods; starless night/Feel cold air in my lungs/Full moon, u follow me . . . ' ('Sweet Temptation'). 

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