Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review: 'Life for Rent' by Dido

'Life for Rent' by Dido, 2003, Arista. Cover: we like it. Inside has more black-and-white pictures. Lyrics included. 

We first found out about Dido when we saw one of her videos; then we heard 'White Flag' and knew we liked her sound. On this album, we find our favourite, 'White Flag,' about a woman still in love with her ex; 'Stoned,' about a woman who wants to fall freely in love, whilst her lover keeps her at a distance; and the title song, 'Life for Rent,' about a woman who doesn't know how to settle down in life or love. 

We particularly like the music in 'White Flag' and 'Who Makes You Feel.' 'Who Makes You Feel' is about a couple still in love despite the fact that things are changing between them. Dido's voice gets a wonderfully whispery quality in this one. 'Do You Have a Little Time' also showcases the whispery quality she can get.  

All of the songs on this CD were written by Dido Armstrong, with the help of others except on 'See the Sun,' which was written by Dido alone. 

Favourite lyrics include: 'I will go down with this ship and I won't put my hands up and surrender' ('White Flag'); 'He told me he's packed up your books and your letters and things/And as the sun sets on Mary, it's rising on him' ('Mary's in India'). 

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