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Review: 'Celtic Woman' by Celtic Woman

'Celtic Woman,' Celtic Woman, 2004, Capitol Records. Cover: attractive. Inside has more pictures, not only of the singers, but of the musical director/composer, David Downes. Lyrics are not included.

We got this CD one year from our mom for Christmas. It not only has wonderful music and beautiful vocals, but it has page-long biographies of each of the members of Celtic Woman, as well as of David Downes. 

The first track, 'Last Rose of Summer (Intro)/Walking in the Air,' is one of our favourites; Chloe Agnew has a lovely voice, and the sweeping music in this song enhances that nicely. We love the lyrics on this track. Agnew's first album, 'Chloe,' was recorded when she was just 12 years old. 

'May It Be,' another favourite of ours, was featured in 'The Lord of the Rings' (though there it was performed by Enya). It's quite an adventurous tune, with lyrics like 'Morni? ut? li? (Darkness has come)/Believe and you will find your way.' This one is sung by Lisa Kelly. Kelly has performed in many concerts in Dublin's National Concert Hall. 

We really enjoy the Celtic words in some of the songs, such as 'Siuil A Run (Walk My Love),' and the music in this particular track is quite beautiful. Orla Fallon sings this one; Fallon is also a harpist, and has won many awards worldwide, including The International Pan Celtic Harp Competition (twice). 

Mairead (don't you love these Celtic names?) Nesbitt plays the fiddle on the album; two notable tunes are 'The Butterfly' (for which lyrics may be found online, but they are not sung here) and the lively 'The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction.'  

Tracks include the classic 'Danny Boy,' sung by Meav Ni Mhaolchatha. Mhaolchatha has two solo albums, 'Meav' and 'Silver Sea.' 

David Downes' performing credits include concerts in Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Wembley Arena, and on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. 

Favourite lyrics include: 'The villages go by like dreams/The rivers and the hills, the forests and the streams' ('Last Rose of Summer'); 'Suddenly swooping low/On an ocean deep/Rising up a mighty monster from his sleep' ('Last Rose of Summer'); 'I'll sell my rod, I'll sell my reel/I'll sell my only spinning wheel/To buy my love a sword of steel' ('Siuil A Run'). 
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