Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review: 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson

'Breakaway,' Kelly Clarkson, 2004, RCA. Cover: good picture. There are more pictures of Kelly Clarkson on the inside. Lyrics included. 

Basically, this album rocks from start to finish. Some of the deeper lyrics come from Clarkson herself, though other writers do a very good job on this CD, as well. 

There's a lot of anger and angst in this album. 'Since U Been Gone' (one of our favourites) is one of the angry ones, as is 'Walk Away'; but 'Since U Been Gone' is the more powerful of the two. 'I Hate Myself for Losing You,' 'Addicted,' and 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' are definitely angst-filled; 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' is about a woman who refuses to cry (on the outside) any more even though she's still cut up on the inside. 'Addicted' is about a woman who can't break free of a love she knows is wrong for her. And 'I Hate Myself for Losing You' says it all.

There's some really good guitar and percussion on this album (hence the rocking), particularly on such tracks as 'Hear Me' (Josh Freese is on the drums, and Clif Magness does the acoustic and electric guitars and bass on this song). 

'Beautiful Disaster' is live. 'Addicted,' like 'Where is Your Heart,' starts off slower and picks up later. 'Addicted' is sort of bluesy, especially in the lyrics, and shows off the texture of Clarkson's voice.     

Favourite lyrics include: 'How can I put it, you put me on/I even fell for that stupid love song/Yeah yeah, since you been gone' ('Since U Been Gone'); 'Now all that's left of me/Is what I pretend to be/So together but so broken up inside' ('Behind These Hazel Eyes'). 

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