Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: 'Butterflies and Moths' by Barbara Taylor

Butterflies and Moths by Barbara Taylor, 1996, DK Pockets, $6.95, softbound, 160 pages. Category/Genre: reference. Cover: quite attractive. Where we got it: gift. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble. 

This is one of the first books we ever got on butterflies and moths, and it's still one of the best. It's a pocket guide, meaning it can fit in your pocket, but it comes with a wealth of information. For example, in the lengthy introduction, the reader learns the difference between butterflies and moths, the life cycle of butterflies and moths, and a bit about the types of moths and butterflies. This is another book that isn't strictly for kids, but that anyone of any age will love. 

There are also sections on wings and flight, scales and colour, and the senses of butterflies and moths. 

Then the book is divided into habitats -- temperate woodlands, wetlands, arctic and mountains, etc. -- and information is given about each habitat. Here we find the different butterflies and moths who frequent these habitats, as well as extra bits of information about the butterflies and moths depicted here. 

There's also a handy reference section, which includes information on classification, threatened habitats, how to properly observe butterflies and moths, and much more.

If you weren't a butterfly or moth fan before you picked up this book, you will be before you put it down.  

If you like this one, try: The Exquisite Butterfly Companion by Hazel Davies.  

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