Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: 'Greatest Hits' by Bangles

'Greatest Hits' by Bangles, 1990, Columbia. Cover: interesting. 

A classic 80's band, Bangles have done some really good songs, and a lot of them are on this album. 

We particularly like the rendition of Paul Simon's desolate 'Hazy Shade of Winter' (which has a great beat as performed by Bangles) and the haunting 'Following,' about a love that goes both ways even though the guy says he doesn't want her following him. We also like the peppy 'Walk Like an Egyptian.'

There are other love songs, like 'Eternal Flame,' 'Be with You' (about a woman wanting the guy to feel like she does), 'I'll Set You Free' (about a love ending due to distance), and 'Where Were You When I Needed You' (about a love that ended because the guy wasn't there when the girl needed him). 

Other songs include 'Hero Takes a Fall,' 'Going Down to Liverpool' (a cheery song about taking it easy), and 'Manic Monday' (written by Prince, about the daily grind).  

Bangles have a knack for creating danceable beats and sing-along tunes, and they have terrific harmony. It doesn't matter that they were popular twenty years ago; their songs endure.    

Favourite lyrics include: 'Look around/Leaves are brown/And the sky/Is a hazy shade of winter' ('Hazy Shade of Winter'). 

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