Monday, 1 April 2013

Review: 'Claude in the City' by Alex T. Smith

Claude in the City, Alex T. Smith, 2013, Peachtree Publishers, $12.95, hardbound, 94 pages. Category/Genre: mainstream. Cover: gives an insight as to what's to come in the book. Where we got it: publisher. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million.

Claude is a dog. He wears a red beret, and his best friend is Sir Bobblysock (who is a sock and very bobbly). The two live with Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes. Every day, Claude waits for Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes to leave for work before starting on an adventure.

This time, Claude and Sir Bobblysock go to the City. Here they find all sorts of amazing things: tall, tall buildings, pigeons, cafes, shops of all sorts (including -- wonderful! -- a beret shop), and an art gallery. Claude even does something remarkable in the City. 

But the next morning, Sir Bobblysock isn't himself. So Claude takes him to the hospital. There Claude tries on a doctor's smock and is himself confused for a doctor. Fortunately, Claude figures out what to do just at the last moment; and by then, Sir Bobblysocks is ready to go home. 

This is a very unusual book, with quirky artwork and silliness abounding. Kids will enjoy the pictures, which often say as much as the text. 

Note: there is a depiction of lingerie and a statue of a naked bum. But it's all in good fun. 

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