Sunday, 28 April 2013

'The Following': An Update

We've unfortunately missed the last few episodes of this season's 'The Following.' We tried to tape one episode, and it didn't work; then we taped 'Defiance,' but found out our VCR/DVR won't record anything we're not watching. So we were unable to watch 'The Following' whilst taping 'Defiance,' and because we thought we might like to keep 'Defiance' for our own video library, we made a choice and chose 'Defiance.' 

Little did we realise that SyFy Channel was going to give an encore presentation of all the 'Defiance' episodes. We should have known; SyFy does that quite frequently with its new and more popular shows. We also should have checked the SyFy Channel schedule online. But we didn't. 

We regret any disappointment this may have caused. We hope to find 'The Following' episodes we haven't seen online and review them for this blog soon; we also hope that in the meantime our readers will enjoy the 'Defiance' reviews we write. 

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