Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: 'Bates Motel: A Boy and His Dog'

'Bates Motel:A Boy and His Dog,' 2013, Universal Television. Written by Bill Balas. Directed by Ed Bianchi. Starring Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. Rated TV-14 for      suggestive dialogue, language, sexual situations, and violence. Airs 10.00 p.m. EST on Mondays on A&E; or catch up on full episodes at http://www.aetv.com/bates-motel/.

This episode shows us how Norman (Freddie Highmore) gets interested in taxidermy, as he brings his dead dog, Juno, to Will Decody (Ian Hart) to be stuffed. Will notices Norman's interest and encourages him, giving him a book with all the details and explaining the process himself, allowing Norman to sit in. 

At school, Emma (Olivia Cooke) tells Bradley's (Nicola Peltz) friends that Bradley and Norman slept together. This upsets Bradley, which in turn upsets Norman -- so much so that he leaves school without permission. His teacher, Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy), tries to stop him and is met with undue resistance, and Norman is suspended for three days. He's also asked to meet with a psychologist. 

You may think, 'Ah, good, at least the boy is getting some help.' But Norma (Vera Farmiga) goes with Norman to the psychologist's (Hiro Kanagawa), and things naturally go awry. 

The situation between Dylan and his co-worker is coming to a head, and a bar fight ensues (bar fights seem to always solve everything). And, after observing some odd behaviour on his part, Norma follows Jake Abernathy (Jere Burns) . . . 

Beware, there's a gruesome cliffhanger at the end of this episode!

Note: our next review of 'Bates Motel' may be a bit late (again); we're taking an(other) extra writing day next week. Cheers!

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