Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review: 'No Strings' by Sheena Easton

'No Strings,' Sheena Easton, 1993, MCA Records. Cover: classy. We don't have the CD jacket, so we don't know if lyrics are included. 

This is Sheena Easton's take on some classic songs. Her voice is very well suited to the type of song she chose for this album, though we do wish she didn't waver quite so much, particularly in 'Someone to Watch Over Me.' 

'If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)' is one of our favourites on the CD; it's quite well done, is just slow enough, and has excellent, lonely lyrics by Jacques Roman Brel. There's some nice piano playing in 'Body and Soul,' about a love lost; and then there's the jazzy medley 'I'm in the Mood for Love/Moody's Mood for Love,' about feeling romantic when the right person is next to one. 

'The Man That Got Away' is another good example of Easton's singing abilities, about a woman still in love with the man who left her. The thrill of being in someone's arms is explored in 'The Nearness of You,' and there's another medley, 'Little Girl Blue/When Sunny Gets Blue' -- the two songs have very similar lyrics and work well together. Easton also does Barbara Streisand's 'Never Will I Marry.'  

Favourite lyrics include: 'I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood/I know I could, always be good/To one who'll watch over me' ('Someone to Watch Over Me'); 'How many roses are/Sprinkled with dew? . . . How far is the journey/From here to a star?' ('How Deep Is the Ocean'); 'If you go away, if you go away, if you go away/If you go as I know you must/There'll be nothing left/In this world to trust/Just an empty room/Full of empty space/Like the empty look/I see on your face' ('If You Go Away'). 

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