Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: 'The Best of The Alan Parsons Project' by The Alan Parsons Project

'The Best of The Alan Parsons Project,' by The Alan Parsons Project, 1983, Arista Records. Cover: not great. Lyrics not included. 

The Alan Parsons Project can be a bit weird, which may be why the cover of this album is odd. They have seven lead singers on this tape, most of whom are quite good. 

'Eye in the Sky,' one of our favourites, is about a guy who's figured out his girlfriend is cheating; 'Games People Play' is about getting past the games; 'Time,' a slower tune, is about a guy leaving his girl and his friends, maybe forever. 

Two of the oddest tracks are 'Pyramania,' about believing in pyramid power (so weird) and 'Psychobabble,' which we like, about a guy seeing a psychiatrist. 

'Don't Let It Show' is about keeping a stiff upper lip after a break-up; 'Can't Take It With You,' which has images of the River Styx in it, is about death; and 'Old and Wise' is about getting past the things that hurt you when you're older and wiser. 

Note: mild language. 

Favourite lyrics include: 'Games people play,/You take it/You leave it/Things that they say, Honor Brite/If I promise you the Moon and the Stars/Would you believe it,/Games people play in the middle of the night' ('Games People Play'); 'Don't say words you're gonna regret/Don't let the fire rush to your head/I've heard the accusation before/And I ain't gonna take any more' ('Eye in the Sky'). 

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