Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review: 'Talk on Corners' by The Corrs

'Talk on Corners,' The Corrs, 1999, Atlantic/Wea. Cover: lovely. A very photogenic family. We don't have the CD jacket, so don't know if the lyrics are included. 

The Corrs are a band who blend their Irish background with a pop sound. The band consists of three sisters and a brother: Andrea (the vocalist), Caroline (drummer), Sharon (violin), and Jim (guitar/keyboard). 

This CD has a nice mix of songs. It's a retooled version of the original 'Talk on Corners,' minus a few songs; because we don't have the original album, we can't compare the two.

One of our favourite tracks on the CD is 'I Never Loved You Anyway,' a bitter song about a girl who's SO over her guy. Another favourite is the Celtic instrumental 'Paddy McCarthy,' which has a really good rhythm . . . and it's hard to go wrong with a Celtic sound. There's a distinct Celtic sound (notably in the violin strains) in other songs, as well, most particularly in 'Runaway' and 'I Never Loved You Anyway.'

There are a couple of cover songs: Stevie Nicks' 'Dreams' (another favourite) and Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing.' In our opinion, the Stevie Nicks version of 'Dreams' is the superiour, but we like this one, too. We also like 'Only When I Sleep' -- this one has interesting island references in the lyrics, and a dark and dreamy melody.    

Favourite lyrics include: 'In the stillness of remembering what you had/And what you lost/And what you had/And what you lost' ('Dreams'); 'And come to think of it/I was misled/My flat, my food, my everything/And thoughts inside my head' ('I Never Loved You Anyway'). 

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