Friday, 24 May 2013

Review: 'Eyewitness Travel Guide: London' by Michael Leapman, DK

Eyewitness Travel Guide: London, Main Contributor Michael Leapman, 1993, DK, $25.00, softbound, 448 pages. Category/Genre: travel. Cover: lovely shot of Big Ben. Where we got it: prezzie. Where you can get it: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million. 

This is a much-treasured prezzie we recently got from a dear friend to help us with writing about England. It's a book that has everything. 

Before you even come to the table of contents, there's a map of London area by area, with each area colour-coded. 

The section introducing London has, among other things, the history of London, London at a glance, and London through the year. 'London at a Glance' reveals the top 10 tourist attractions found in London; and 'London Through the Year' highlights what can be found during the different seasons and months. There are even charts for the average daily hours of sunshine, the average monthly rainfall, and the average monthly temperature. 

'London Area by Area' gives the reader sights at a glance: historic streets and buildings, churches, museums and galleries, monuments, and parks and gardens. This section also has a 'Street by Street' map and a look inside buildings such as the Houses of Parliament. In the area section, one may also find six guided walks and what can be seen along those walks. 

'Travelers' Needs' helps one find where to stay, how to book one's stay, and the facilities found in London hotels. There's a whole host of hotels listed with their contact information, price range,and a brief blurb on what the hotel is like. Restaurants and pubs are given their due, as well, and there's even a section on the types of food one may find in London. Plus, there's a list of restaurants that has the same type of information as that given for hotels.        

There's also a spectacular pull-out map at the back of the book. Here you will find information on getting around in London -- by bus, underground (tube), driving, walking, etc. There's plenty more to be found in this guide, as well, so if you're planning on visiting, or merely writing about, London -- or if you're simply very interested -- this is the guide for which you've been looking.  

One small nit: it would be nice if the colours of London area by area were a bit more differentiated; it's rather hard to tell some of the colours apart. 

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