Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review: 'Surfacing' by Sarah McLachlan

'Surfacing' by Sarah McLachlan, 1997, Arista. Cover: pretty. Inside includes artwork and one other picture of McLachlan. Lyrics not included.

One of our favourite songs on this album is 'I Love You.' It's a slow, haunting, lovely song, and McLachlan sings it so beautifully. 

Most of the songs on this tape are from the darker side of life: there's the well-known 'Building a Mystery,' which is actually pretty weird, with dark lyrics; 'Adia,' about a love ended and the feelings left over; 'Do What You Have to Do,' about enduring when someone leaves you; and 'Witness,' which involves questions about faith. 

'Black and White' tells of living up to others' expectations and not knowing who you really are, and 'Full of Grace' is McLachlan's take on wanting to be better to your lover. 'Last Dance,' an instrumental, is one of the few tracks on the album which doesn't involve depressing lyrics. Still, McLachlan's voice is smooth and appealing. If you like Sarah McLachlan, you might want to try this album.   

Favourite lyrics include: 'And the night's/Too long/And cold here/Without you/I grieve in my condition/For I can't find the words to say I need you so' ('I Love You'). 

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